Birding With Bryan

Bryan Pfeiffer needs no introduction to Vermont birders. Naturalist, educator, photographer, writer, and birding bon vivant, Bryan is passionate about sharing nature with others and thrives in the elegance of the written word. He, along with Ted Murin, wrote Vermont's definitive go-to guide book Birdwatching in Vermont. His articles and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Northern Woodlands, Field and Stream, Vermont Life, and many other publications. Bryan offers guided birding tours periodically, although in 2014 he is "on sabbatical". To keep up with Bryan's thoughts, activities, and wonderful photographs, visit his new website at or simply enter his name into a Google search. Bryan lives in Montpelier, where he wanders the landscape searching for everything from frogs to fireflies. He is writing a book about dragonflies and ecology.

On Tuesday evening, February 12, Bryan presented a program for the Green Mountain Audubon Society entitled Animal Attractions on the occasion of Charles Darwin's 204th birthday. Not coincidentally, this presentation occured just a few days before Valentine's Day. Bryan featured some of his most revealing and amorous wildlife photographs in a presentation about birds, bees, and other creatures that cavort in unexpected ways. This presentation highlighted the importance of diversity and natural selection in the process of evolution as described by  Darwin over a century ago.