Animal Investigators-A Special GMAS Program

Animal InvestigatorsOn Friday evening, November 5, the GMAS will present a special program at the Richmond Free Library. Laurel Neme, acclaimed author of the book "Animal Investigators" and host of the weekly radio program "The Wildlife", will take us into the world of forensic ornithology.

Animal Investigators Animal InvestigatorsInternationally, the illegal traffic in poached birds, animals, reptiles, and fish is as lucrative as it is illicit, threatening the very existence of endangered wildlife.Animal Investigators 1Through photographs and vivid examples, Laurel will take us behind the scenes, showing us how modern forensic laboratories have helped to bring some of these activities to a halt. You can learn more about Laurel Neme and her study of animal investigators by visiting her website at Join us on November 5 to learn more about this fascinating topic.