Bird Monitoring at the Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center

Since April, 2008, the Green Mountain Audubon Society has been responsible for bird monitoring at the Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center in Huntington. Each month GMAS members meet at the Center and follow a prescribed route through the Office Meadow and the Peeper Pond, recording the birds that we see along the way.

To date we have identified 57 species, a fraction of the birds that inhabit the woods, fields, meadows, and wetlands at the Nature Center. Monitoring the bird life at the Center will help us to evaluate the effectiveness of our habitat management practices there. To learn more about the Nature Center click the Nature Walk link on this page. The dates and times for monitoring at the Center can be found at the Audubon Vermont website. See the Hermit Thrush article by Bill Mercia for details. We invite you to join us for one or more of these walks at the Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center.